Sunday, May 22, 2011

How To Mindfuck Women

Mindfucking comes in two variations. The first is taking possession of a woman’s mind.
This version is picturing fucking the woman you’re speaking with. Imagine the sounds she would make. Imagine the positions you want to have her in. Imagine the smell of her hair. Imagine every possible detail and live it in your mind. You want the picture to be so clear and the fantasy to be so complete that it becomes a goal in your mind to have her. When we have clear goals our minds draw up plans to make it a reality. The important thing to remember when mind-fucking the woman is to believe that its already happened and will happen again and again. In this state of mind you’ll be extremely sexually excited. Use the excitement to energize your approach and seduction.

Getting into the mindset

You see a beautiful woman standing alone or perhaps shopping in the same aisle as you in the supermarket what you want to do is STOP and visualize quickly, but vividly. Think about how she’ll look naked. Then think about the sensation you’ll feel when you’re deep inside of her. Once this happens once you have to have her you approach with a simple “Hi”. If you’re verbally adept then throw out a good conversation starter. For example if you’re in the supermarket and you notice she has ground beef in her shopping cart you can ask her if she’s making Lasagna.

As the conversation goes on continue the mind-fuck. Look her in her eyes with yours full of burning desire as the two of you converse and see her going downtown on you. A beautiful angel she may be, but this angel enjoys a good fuck as much as any devil.
Mind-fuck her brains out then proceed to do the same to her body. Enjoy.


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