Thursday, May 26, 2011

Basic Tips For Approaching Women

1) Be Confident
2) Smile Infrequently
3) Look Her In The Eyes (And her body if you’re bold)
4) Touch Her
5) Compliment Her On Her Level of Physical Attractiveness

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How To Please Aggressive Women(Push/Pull Game)

Not every female likes to be captured by a tiger. There are some who enjoy playing the tiger themselves. These women are very aggressive when wanting a mate. They appreciate catching a man. When dealing with a woman who seems to like you, but doesn’t respond to your “push” the way you want “pull” back. Give her space and let her come to you. Many women are rabbits primed to be captured. This woman is a tigress. She knows what she wants and goes after it full speed ahead. “Be desire-less” is the first law of “The Tao of Steve”. In the romantic comedy the Tao of Steve (which inspired the title of this book) a chubby womanizer has 3 rules for picking up the ladies: 1. Be desire-less 2. Be excellent 3. Be gone. If you’re looking for a prime example of the push/pull game check out this flick. He really explains in detail the forces at work.
I’ll give you a rundown on what you’re doing when you are the pursued as opposed to the pursuer. In this situation you’re going to possess the nonchalance of a Zen Buddhist monk. You don’t have a care in the world. Your indifference to her charms and presence will only strengthen her desire for you. Don’t be desire-less to the point of seeming asexual or gay, but act as if you don’t need any woman in the world. Act as a prize. Be cool as a rod of steel. It’s human nature to chase that which rejects you. You’re so impervious to her charms that you challenge her vanity. She begins to think thoughts like “am I not attractive to this guy?” “Has he had better?”. The mind-set you possess is near pimp-like. To her you’re not like every other guy out there swooning at pussy. You’re above that. The godlike indifference you possess becomes very seductive to her and she just has to have you.

In being so difficult to catch for her the challenge has been created in her mind. Women love challenges about as much as they love to talk.

Now inside your divine shell your female lioness will poke and prod until she gets a crack (a smile or show of interest on your part). Stay in your shell until the situation reaches critical mass and she makes her (sexual) move on you. Once she does it is game, set, match. She has in her mind conquered you and in your mind you have conquered her. So be it. You both win.
*For a detailed description of this type of game check out the film “The Tao of Steve” or Robert Greene’s book “The Art of Seduction”.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Problems I See With Online Dating

Nowadays too many men spend much of their quality time on the computer and most of their “pick up” time on dating sites. I want you to spend no more than 20% of your pick up time online from now on. The reason why I say this is because most of these dating sites have more men than women. Consequently you’ll have 20-50 men all vying for the same woman’s attention. Even if you have the best story to tell her there is a very good chance that she won’t even read it. Why? As I said there is far too much competition. The best case scenario for getting consistent pussy online is 1 of three things: having a great body and using this as your profile picture, having a very handsome face or having tons of social pictures (e.g. Parties, clubs, etc.). Also don’t forget their profile pictures can be fake, manipulated or even stolen. Keep this in mind.
Your valuable time can be spent outside talking to live women as you see them. I know it seems easier to get rejected online rather than in person because it is so impersonal. You’re not going to learn how to talk to women by sitting on your computer all day spamming the same message to every attractive woman you see. This is precisely why I prefer the real thing because frankly it is too damn impersonal.
Your chances of charming a woman off the streets to the sheets in the same 24 hours are exponentially higher than doing it online. I know this from experience.

My breakdown would probably be something like:
70% Women I meet as I’m out and about
20% Women I meet in clubs/lounges
10% Women I meet on social networking sites.

I believe the reason (other than the easier lay) why I strongly prefer meeting women outside is from the buildup of momentum. I remember this time I was waiting for the train and I approached this girl. All I said to her was “Hi” and she looked at me and walked all the way to the other side of the train station. Yet, I noticed another girl behind me looking at me seductively. I approached her and we hit it off. My belief is my momentum whether from a success or a failure is going to carry me. My philosophy is that of a hunter and sometimes when you hunt you have to put yourself in real situations to fail. Only then can a man truly learn from his mistakes. Like many things nowadays online dating is a way to protect you from yourself; to domesticate you.
But Remember if you have a great body, then online dating will be a breeze for you.

Monday, May 23, 2011

True Womanizers Only Approach Women They Desire

Don’t get accustomed to wasting time. Time is truly all we have. When you get out there and start approaching women don’t waste time approaching women you have absolutely no interest in.
My approach would be akin to the seduction style “The Rake” in Robert Greene’s “The Art of Seduction”. One of the keys of the style is unabashed desire for the woman you’re pursuing. How can you realistically have strong desire for a woman who doesn’t set your body on fire when you look at her? You can’t. This is of supreme importance if you truly wish to be successful with women.

On an average day out and about you will see hundreds if not thousands of women. I guarantee your results will be much better if you strictly pursue those who captivate you. Many men attempt to seduce the wrong type of women for them. They would rather pursue the most physically attractive women they see rather than approach a woman they truly want. Do not mistake what I’m saying for pursuing “mediocre” women. Far from it. I simply want you to approach the women your heart wants. Please allow me to expand on this. Take Beyonce for example: she is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in the world, but I would much rather pursue Keri Hilson. Why? Because the first time I laid my eyes on here I wanted her to be mine.

You must truly want this woman and from there you approach and create attraction from her which reciprocates your own. Your desire for her will make her feel appreciated and wanted. She will feel more alive in your presence. Make it as spiritual and erotic as possible in your mind. Hell, you can even convince yourself (and her too if you’re inclined) that the universe brought you two together. Whatever it takes for you to muster up the courage, use it. Remember you will be in love (and lust) with her for a short time. Make it count.

I must reiterate: only approach women you truly want, embrace your desire for her and take it from there.

That Divine Feeling

There is something about that feeling that words can’t explain.
When inside of her the pleasure almost feels eternal.
Is it the smell of her hair? The sounds that she makes? The words that she squeels that drives me crazy?
Or maybe its the divine feeling of man and woman uniting to become one?
A perfect fit like ketchup on my french fries.
She brings me to temporary paradise and back.
Inside of her I feel as if time itself has ceased to exist.
Nothing else matters but the pleasure we share.
Her soft delicate body feels so smooth to caress I lose myself.
My mind becomes blank as if I’ve reached enlightenment- although temporary.
She does as I please.
For her submission feels like home and my thrust makes her feel protected.
We give each other meaning in a universe devoid of any.
Without her body I’m lost.
Without the ecstasy of the situation I’m as dead as winter.
She loves me to pull her hair and spank her round bottom.
For a man what more can i ask for?
There is nothing else.
All roads, all goals lead to her.
Everything leads to the feeling of her warm body moved about as I please.
She climaxes many times and calls me king.
I leave her alone in the night.
The next day my telephone rings.
She wants more from me and I do too.
Unfortunately I’ve been cursed with this desire that I must have someone new.
The song repeats until I cease to exist.
I loved her for a night- another angel added to the list.

The 3 Variations of Womanizers

“The Tao produces one, one produces two.
The two produce the three and the three produce all things”
Tao Te Ching

1) The Primal Womanizer- The primal womanizer is the original womanizer. This is the man who lives completely through his libido. Life to him is about satisfying his immediate desires. This is the man of little control. All on his mind is pussy. He cannot live without the feeling. This womanizer is a slave to his primal urges. A nut is all he wants from the women he covets.

2) The Conqueror- The conqueror is addicted to power. In his case, once a man gains some control of his libido, pleasure to him becomes more than just fulfilling his sexual desire. It becomes a game of numbers. He wants to be with all women. He needs to conquer. This man lives for challenges. His motto is “the more the merrier”. The thrill of the chase and subsequent victory has surpassed his desire for pleasure for the sake of pleasure. The conqueror is a womanizer of statistics. Call him the Pete Rose of the game.

3) The Seducer- The seducer has gained almost complete control over his libido. He has access to the yin energy of women. This man knows women as well as he knows himself. Life to him has become a game. His pleasure comes from manipulation. All of the tactics women use against him he has mastered. He delights in being an actor, a chameleon in life. Tailoring his character to specific women is very easy. For this womanizer, numbers or his libido mean very little in relation to the man/woman game.

The three of these womanizers all have 1 thing in common which is their love for all women and their difficult time loving only one. Contrary to popular belief womanizers do not hate women. It is human nature to put your needs above all else, but as you read each has a different need. The need of sex is the need of “The Primal Womanizer”. The need of power is the need of “The Conqueror” and finally the need of the game is the need of “The Seducer”.

Always remember, not every man is or can be a womanizer, however all men are intrigued by the idea of “can I be?”. Only you can answer that question.

A Prayer for the Womanizers, Players & Macks

One day you meet her and she gives you the digits
the next day you call no answer
what happened you wonder
you text her and she responds hours later
she claims she was busy
you readily accept her excuse
why would such a sweet girl lie to you when she’s your muse?
too bad another guy had her up in his bed
he met her 10 minutes after you did and the next day she gave him head
you took her out on dates to expensive restaurants
then to the movies, the bars and the clubs
you do all of this over and over again trying to buy love
a woman knows when she wants a man, it’s not about convincing
it’s the words you say and the way you move
I sincerely hope you’re paying attention
now go out and be fruitful you masterful young player
these words that I speak I call the womanizers prayer